Our projects have been big hits with our clients, and we’re proud of all of them. Each project is better than the last. It’s hard to choose the best.

Masarykov dvor

Brána do nádherného sveta Podpoľania.

Pre rezort Masarykov dvor sme vytvorili webový portál s komplexnými informáciami o tomto skvelom mieste pre aktívny oddych v podobe agro a cykloturistiky, wellness, atrakciami pre deti, akými sú kolotoč a farmy so zvieratkami. Pre dospelých je tu novinka - remeselný pivovar.

Nová generácia Pricemanie a jej ecommerce vízia

V rámci riešenia technologického dlhu sme pre ecommmerce aplikáciu Pricemania vyvinuli inovatívne a funkčné spojenie v podobe Pricemania Content Network, ktoré pomáha zákazníkom pri rozhodovaní o kúpe produktov novým spôsobom.

Case Study


Freedom in practice.

Development of a comprehensive online information and reservation system for outpatient services. The system provides tools for efficient time management, an online reservation terminal, electronic cards, managing finances and documents, and a host of other optional features. Simple and easy user interface. Access to the system is available across all computer, tablet, and mobile (iOS, Android) devices.

Case Study


Online pharmacy in 4 months.

Development of an E-commerce solution for the Dr. Max+ pharmacy network based on an analysis of consumer behavior from visitors to the website. Localization for more than 300 pharmacies and the ability to filter according to the services provided. Designing online marketing campaigns and developing applications for competitions.

Case Study

Shop roku 2018 - Heureka


Portal for all sports fans

A new sports portal in the Slovak online space based on the sports part of the SME.SK daily. You can meet Petra Vlhová, Peter Sagan, Zdeno Chára as well as Michal Hudák here. Not the popular TV presenter, but the Slovan Plavé Vozokany Sport Club defender.


Innovative solution for Slovak football fans.

Score tracker for 2,200 matches each week. A platform for creating and publishing content from 1,700 clubs and 44 organizations. 1.4 million users per year.

Case Study

Solik welding technology

You can find welders, welding hoods and other welding accessories at Excellent communication, fast delivery, a lot of information on products and a perfect social media presence predestines the E-shop to become the leading E-shop for welding technology in Slovakia. And we’re helping them get there.

B2B and B2C eshop of connecting material and heating technology

For the company ZEMPLÍN, s.r.o. Humenné, we created a tailor-made e-shop connected to economic software Helios Orange, which is the source of all data for the e-shop. To ease shopping, we have developed a number of useful functionalities, which also have a positive effect on e-shop conversions.

Case Study


The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia.

For the company, we implemented a new e-shop solution, which had been continuously tested by real users. We are constantly working on improvements from the perspective of the customer as well as the florist, who creates the ordered bouquet for you in the background of the whole process. For customers who want to see what prices they have in the affiliate program, we have developed a mobile app.

Case Study

Prepare your children for the new school year

Buy school supplies recommended by the class teacher for your little student. Here you will find the exact composition of the set of school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Case Study

Michael Kováčik

Fashion designer and director of MISS SLOVAKIA

He founded his brand in 2013 and his collections are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and elegance. They combine comfort and femininity. The design website from our workshop is complemented by a simple e-shop where you can buy Michael's products.

Podbánske resort

The best place to unwind.

We completed the design and programming for several websites belonging to the accommodation facilities of the Podbanské Resort. One of these included the **** Grand Hotel Permon, one of the most luxurious wellness hotels in all of Slovakia.

Outdoor mania

E-shop for out leader in providing outdoor goods.

E-commerce platform that was redesigned after five years of use. We redesigned how products were categorized, simplified the navigation, and gave a fresh new look to the entire E-shop. User experience is based on displays offering unique pictures associated with simple animations.

Hotel Dália

The only eco-friendly hotel in Eastern Slovakia.

The website links to multiple hotel services. An interesting feature on the main page is the online receptionist, who offers services directly to visitors.

Hattrick lands in the Heureka Shop of the Year competition in the “books and e-reading” and “entertainment and leisure” categories.

An online store that sells books on Christian living, Biblical studies, psychology, social sciences, history, and art. This business has consistently ranked among the finalists in the Heureka competition – winning E-shop of the Year 2014 in the books category, third in the same category in 2015, and in 2016, 2017 and 2018 even coming in first in two different categories, overtaking more famous E-shops like Martinus and Panta Rhei in the process.

Shop roku 2016 - HeurekaShop roku 2017 - HeurekaShop roku 2018 - Heureka

Case Study


E-shop full of great offers

Laser toners, ink cartridges or optical rollers? Everything printers need can be found in the e-shop. We fitted the e-shop with a search engine that allows you to find individual products even if the search term contains typos. An overview of ongoing events, gifts with purchases or a loyalty program are other exceptional features.


A place for shopping and drawing golf inspiration

The largest golf store in Bratislava offers its visitors a wide range of golf equipment not only for experienced golfers, but for beginners as well.


Everything for your joy in one place is a place where you'll find everything you need for your home, office or leisure. And thanks to the deployment of an innovative search engine, you'll find everything efficiently and quickly. Another interesting feature is its long-time tradition of selling and printing promotional items.


Party products for your celebrations

Our main task was, and still is, a gradual migration of the Helium King e-shops from the Shoptet platform to our e-shop solution. We launched the Romanian version of the e-shop first. E-shop is connected with the warehouse and invoicing system POHODA. Another distinction of this e-shop was the filter and category view, which we’ve tailor-made for the customer.


Mobility under one roof

Business group whose main focus is a network of shops and car branding services. The special aspect about this portal is the importance of managing content from one source across multiple sites. Part of the solution included the development of an intranet business application.

Paradise for every cyclist

Eshop and store of bicycle brands MERIDA, CUBE, AUTHOR, KELLYS, CTM, GHOST and everything you need for cycling. The e-shop solution is a loyalty program for permanent customers, but also a bazaar for those who want to sell / buy / replace cycles.


Grand opening of the online Slovak Football Hall of Fame.

A register of the Slovak football greats in one place online. Learn more about Jozef Ademc, Karol Dobiaš, Jozef Vengloš, and others. Additional content like video highlights, stats, books, and more is currently being prepared.

TV Košice

Television through your own eyes.

The first online television station in Košice. Breaking news from Košice and the surrounding areas, live broadcasting and live traffic. Anyone can contribute information and reports. Just download the mobile app, sign up, take a picture or capture interesting situations with your mobile phone and share them with fellow citizens.


Nutritional supplements for the new millennium.

Sales of anti-gray products, hair and body cosmetics, which is sold via the E-shop throughout Europe and even in the USA.

Case Study

Pizza Domček

Online ordering meals in Košice.

Restaurant Pizza Domček on Tomášikova Street is one of the most popular pizza places in Košice. Excellent food is handled by skilled chefs and quick ordering is possible thanks to eshop from “ kitchen”.


We know the recipe for the best bars.

TEKMAR knows how to make the best bars and offers it to its clients on its new e-shop. For more than 20 years, TEKMAR has been offering products in line with healthy life-style and healthy food trends to everyone who wants and needs something more.

AMD drogéria

Pharmacy, cosmetics, as well as lacquer paints for your home.

An E-shop that relies on the operation of brick-and-mortar shops. In addition to the basics, we also solved the automation of communication with the enterprise information system. At present, the company benefits from unbeatable prices and customer satisfaction as one of the most sought-after vendors in the region.

Healthy Mattress

The first online mattress retailer in Slovakia.

Unit custom production of tailor-made mattresses connected with the online shop resulted in express delivery times and the possibility of online purchase of any atypical dimensions (circles, squares, rhomboids, beveled corners…)

Shop roku 2018 - Heureka


Online store for men’s fashion and accessories

The E-shop offers all the essentials for the modern man. Due to the nature of the products, we worked diligently to improve the features of the administrative interface and bulk edit options for the product database.

No name

The best ever website for a musical group?

For most of us, the answer is unequivocally yes. Bright colors, animations, and simple navigation characterize this modern website. The frontman of the band, Igor Timko – one of the classmates of our own “frontman” – has been working with us since he founded the band.


A little something from the world of shoes and fashion.

This E-shop only offers products that are in stock in the company’s brick-and-mortar shops for greater customer convenience. On the product list, you can find information on what’s available for each listed product.

SOS electronic

When 10% of customers make up 90% of the total order volume.

An E-shop with direct representatives in 7 different countries (SK, CZ, HU, PL, RO, DE, UK). And it has customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Updating data in real time, a more user-centric orientation, responsive design, and artificial intelligence.

Case Study

Ryba Košice

Veľký Tresko welcomes you to a new domain.

Another B2B E-shop solution that’s linked to economic and warehousing systems.

10 years of collaboration.

Starting with a site with a handful of flights each day, we’ve built one of the largest online ticket sales portals in all of Slovakia. Since 2005, ticket sales have risen steadily. In 2009, became the leading Slovak airline ticket seller, and in 2012 they sold more than 41,000 flights with revenues of more than €8m. Our company helped with this growth and we continue to fine-tune the portal.


Metabolic Balance ® - Specially designed individual plan

The party from HEPPiApple specializes in a healthy lifestyle with the aim of directing people to health prevention through appropriate individual nutrition, regular exercise and regeneration. Our goal was to create an information website and a simple e-shop.


Online requests, findings, and images

Online system for sending orders (applications) for examinations. The aim is to provide fast and convenient communication between magnetic resonance facilities and doctors. Create individual request templates and access request history. Ensure prompt examination dates and display validated views. The system helps with improved time management and the acceleration of operational processes.

ELCOM ltd.

Innovative solutions since 1991.

Product catalogue with an online shop for partners and end users. The possibility to immediately contact the closest seller. Development of a cloud solution for interconnecting tills with turnover and revenue statistics on the web.


How can you display boring products so that they sell?

E-shop for the Kobraj and Koberce Trend chain of stores. Sales outcomes of this e-shop are very positive for our client. He didn’t believe that the e-shop could bring such benefits in a very short time after its launch. But we know that after further adjustments and active work, it will continue to grow.


Under the Pneubox brand till 2016.

Online shop and website for the car service and tire service network, which is part of the German CONTINENTAL network. One interesting feature on the website is the online ordering of a car service based on specifying the vehicle’s license plate number. The E-Shop also includes a blog, advising services, and an interactive map of the car and tire service points.

Discover the beauty of the region.

The website of the Regional Tourism Organization "Šariš" - Bardejov aims to promote tourism in an area that is popular with tourists from Slovakia as well as from abroad.

We also take part in scientific research and development.

We participate in the development of a fully functional and automated pilot Destination Business Intelligence System (DBIS). This consists of an intelligent platform that’s based on the Living Lab, which covers the territory of destinations that are part of the Košice region. The objective of the DIBS destinations of the Košice region is to support the comprehensive decision-making and planning of future tourism development activities.


Second-hand online.

Servicing and managing servers with more than 20,000 visitors each day.


340,000 image motifs in one place.

Search for images by style, artist, or color. And that’s all done with the minimum possible hardware and financial demands for running the E-shop. Some interesting features include customized image editing and framing.


Cultural events and entertainment in your town.

Extensive information portal for leisure time in Slovakia. Post-rollout traffic grew by over 20% (over a 6-month period). Operation and administration of the Cloud hosting server. A mobile app for iOS and Android was created as a plug-in.

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