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Thanks to the trust of our clients, we are able to grow. We are proud of all the projects we implement for them and continue to improve every day.

Car rental company with rich administration, which facilitates the work of employees

The web application originally had the ambition to digitize car rental in Moris Slovakia. Ultimately, however, it brought benefits not only for end customers, but especially for rental company employees. For example streamlining processes, reducing error rates and saving manual work.

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For effective work of doctors

Comprehensive online information and booking system for practices - from booking an appointment with a doctor, through complete documentation of the patient’s health status replacing a paper file, to the possibility of sharing the results of examinations for the needs of consultation with other medical experts. All this in a simple user interface with maximum emphasis on security, on a computer, tablet or mobile, on iOS as well as Android.

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Football equipment for every practice and match

A unique ecommerce solution that displays products from dozens of sporting goods stores. However, the listing is filtered to only cover the needs of football teams. Managers, coaches or players have the opportunity to choose jerseys, balls, socks, but also specific products for training or pitch maintenance, quickly and conveniently, without unnecessary browsing of products for other sports.

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14 eshops managed from one administration

Thanks to the multi-eshop solution with connection to ERP I6 from CyberSoft, end consumers as well as representatives of online and brick-and-mortar stores can shop at one of the largest electronics suppliers in Slovakia. Only two employees are needed to manage all 14 websites.

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New generation of Pricemania and its e-commerce vision

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To anywhere in the world by a modern bus

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Profitable e-shop with great marketing

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Applications earning from information

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Nákup vybavenia pre školy priamo od výrobcu

Oxyrion POS

Customized POS System for Business Efficiency

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Dr. Max Helpdesk

Internal Solution with Built-in Support for Seamless Requests Management

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Comprehensive B2B Commerce Management in a Single App

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Interactive Platform for Slovak Football Community

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SOS electronic

When 10% of customers make up 90% of the total order volume

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HR Dr.Max

Not a single CV gets lost

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Click, click, click and fly

The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia

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Everything for large offices as well as little pupils

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B2B and B2C eshop selling fasteners and heating equipment

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Winner of the Heureka Shop of the Year competition in the "books and e-reading" and "entertainment and leisure" categories

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Thousands of shades in one place


Slovak sport in one place

Paradise for every cyclist


A place for shopping and drawing golf inspiration


Mountain leader eshop

Healthy Mattress

The first online mattress seller in Slovakia

An eshop that makes money

The taste of the Caribbean hidden in coffee and chocolate


A range of goods for kitchens, households or gardens under one roof


What women desire


Spicy shopping now not just for ladies


Your logo on almost anything

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Ryba Košice

The Big Cod will welcome you to the fishing area

15+ years of mutual cooperation

Tempus group

Mobility under one roof

Masarykov dvor

The gateway to the beautiful world of Podpoľanie

TV Košice

Television through your eyes

Michael Kováčik

Stylish website of a fashion designer and Miss Slovakia director

Podbánske resort

The best place to power off

No name

The best music band site

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