Thanks to the trust of our clients, we are able to grow. We are proud of all the projects we implement for them and continue to improve every day.

Car rental company with rich administration, which facilitates the work of employees

The web application originally had the ambition to digitize car rental in Moris Slovakia. Ultimately, however, it brought benefits not only for end customers, but especially for rental company employees. For example streamlining processes, reducing error rates and saving manual work.

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For effective work of doctors

Comprehensive online information and booking system for practices - from booking an appointment with a doctor, through complete documentation of the patient’s health status replacing a paper file, to the possibility of sharing the results of examinations for the needs of consultation with other medical experts. All this in a simple user interface with maximum emphasis on security, on a computer, tablet or mobile, on iOS as well as Android.

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Football equipment for every practice and match

A unique ecommerce solution that displays products from dozens of sporting goods stores. However, the listing is filtered to only cover the needs of football teams. Managers, coaches or players have the opportunity to choose jerseys, balls, socks, but also specific products for training or pitch maintenance, quickly and conveniently, without unnecessary browsing of products for other sports.

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14 eshops managed from one administration

Thanks to the multi-eshop solution with connection to ERP I6 from CyberSoft, end consumers as well as representatives of online and brick-and-mortar stores can shop at one of the largest electronics suppliers in Slovakia. Only two employees are needed to manage all 14 websites.

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New generation of Pricemania and its e-commerce vision

As part of removing the technological debt, we have developed an innovative and functional Pricemania Content Network solution for their ecommerce application, thanks to which customers can compare prices of products straight away when reading articles or product reviews.

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Online pharmacy in 4 months

Ecommerce solution for the Dr.Max network of pharmacies was built on the basis of analyses of consumer behavior of visitors. In addition to shopping, the web offers the possibility of locating more than 300 pharmacies and filtering them according to the services provided. The design of online marketing campaigns and the development of competition applications was a bonus to this project.

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To anywhere in the world by a modern bus

The leading Slovak bus operator with more than 70 years of history now has 350 buses under its thumb on 116 suburban, 11 long-distance and as many as 19 international lines. Through an intuitive online platform, it offers its clients the opportunity to combine these lines to plan their bus journey across Europe from the comfort of home. They will then find the tickets directly in their e-mail inbox.

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Profitable e-shop with great marketing

The e-shop offering fragrances could not handle the rush of users caused by influencer marketing. That's why we rebuilt it from the ground up and deployed technologies that enable rapid scalability. Other tools help administrators to process the rush of orders more effectively.

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Applications earning from information

Portals benefit from centralizing information from various sources. The first web application is collecting court decisions, the second laws. Both significantly facilitate the work of lawyers, journalists or students and save them a lot of time. They help them to search documents quickly and to better orient themselves in contexts and changes. Thanks to this, they are willing pay for continuous access.

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Nákup vybavenia pre školy priamo od výrobcu

Róbustné ecommerce riešenie funguje aktuálne v 4 európskych krajinách a chystá sa na ďalšiu expanziu. Dnes ponúka materským a základným školám vyše 15 000 produktov - od nábytku vlastnej výroby až po unikátne didaktické hračky. Vďaka bodovému vernostnému systému navyše môžu stáli zákazníci ušetriť na poštovnom či získať užitočné príslušenstvo zadarmo.

SOS electronic

When 10% of customers make up 90% of the total order volume

The eshop selling electronic components for industrial production has direct representation in 7 countries and delivers products to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our solution for it therefore includes real-time data update, user-oriented web, responsive design as well as the use of artificial intelligence that remembers user preferences.

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Solík welding equipment

The eshop offers welders, suction hoods and other welding accessories. Thanks to excellent communication, fast delivery, plenty of information on products and perfect work with social networks, it has a chance to become the leading eshop selling welding equipment in Slovakia. And we want to help them.

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HR Dr.Max

Not a single CV gets lost

A website primarily intended for a structured collection of data on job seekers at Dr. Max. The tailor-made solution provides potential employees with the opportunity to quickly submit their application and allows HR staff to efficiently record, manage and respond to these applications. As a result, recruitment processes were sped up and the work of the HR department was simplified.

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Click, click, click and fly

The European air ticket sales giant offers the opportunity to book a holiday, a hotel, a car or a yacht in a new and even more intuitive environment of its eshop with just a few clicks. It’s supplemented with special features, such as finding the cheapest alternative in a given timeframe of a few days or planning transfers.

Nutritional supplements for the new millennium

An eshop with customers all over Europe, but also in the US, with a range of anti-greying products and other hair and body cosmetics.

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The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia

The new eshop solution is constantly being updated based on the results of testing by real users. We are working not only on improvements from the customer’s point of view, but we are also trying to make the work easier for the florists who are arranging the bouquets for you. The website is complemented by a mobile app for participants in the partner program.

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Everything for large offices as well as little pupils

Intuitive and safe eshop for the purchase of any office supplies or stationery. As a bonus, a handy helper for buying stationery for pupils. Just enter the city, school and class and "Skvelko" will assemble a complete set of equipment for you for the next school year according to the recommendations of the class teacher. All in one package ordered in a few clicks, delivered to your home.

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B2B and B2C eshop selling fasteners and heating equipment

The eshop with a link to the economic software Helios Orange allows ZEMPLÍN, s.r.o. Humenné to manage all products from one place. This project was designed with an emphasis on increasing the number of conversions and on great shopping experience for end customers as well as commercial entities.

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Winner of the Heureka Shop of the Year competition in the "books and e-reading" and "entertainment and leisure" categories

An online shop dedicated to the sale of books spanning Christian life, biblical studies, psychology, social sciences, history and art, was ranked among the finalists in the Heureka Shop of the Year 2014 competition in the books category. In 2015, it placed third in the same category, and in 2016, 2017 and 2018 it even won in two categories, overtaking the more famous eshops such as Martinus and Panta Rhei.

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Thousands of shades in one place

And it’s painted! The new eshop of a store in Martin has more than 1500 products in its range for painting all kinds of surfaces. In addition, it has an extensive database of inspiration, where you can draw on colorful ideas for your home.


Slovak sport in one place

New sports portal in the Slovak online space. Up-to-date information from the area of ice hockey, football, skiing, cycling and others. All about our athletes at the Olympics, results of important matches, overview of sports broadcasts on various channels and betting courses. Follow the career of Vlhová, Sagan, Chára or Michal Hudák - not the popular TV host, but the defender from ŠK Slovan Plavé Vozokany.


Sock paradise

Eshop of a Slovak brand with more than 85 years of history, which annually produces 3 million pairs of socks. The website offers its users an intuitive purchase thanks to a clear structure, fast filter or intelligent search. Don’t buy hamsters, you better bet on quality.

Paradise for every cyclist

Eshop connected to the brick-and-mortar shop selling brand bicycles MERIDA, CUBE, AUTHOR, KELLYS, CTM, GHOST and everything you need for cycling. A loyalty program for rewarding regular customers as well as a second hand shop for those who want to sell/buy/exchange cycling equipment is part of the eshop solution too.


Online requests, findings and frames

Fast and convenient communication between an MRI practice and treating physicians thanks to the online system for sending orders (requests) for examination. Of course, it is possible to create individual request templates and the history of submitted requests, or to ensure a prompt display of the examination date and the relevant validated finding.


A place for shopping and drawing golf inspiration

The largest golf store in Bratislava offers its visitors a wide range of golf equipment not only for experienced golfers, but for beginners as well, now also in an online form.


Metabolic Balance ® - Specially designed individual plan

The HEPPiApple group specializes in a healthy lifestyle. Their aim is to direct people towards prevention of diseases and injuries through appropriate individual diets, regular exercise and regeneration. With this vision, we have created an information website and a simple eshop.


Mountain leader eshop

Online shop offering hiking equipment underwent its first redesign after about five years. We’ve redesigned the product categorization, simplified navigation and customized the look so that images and animations motivate users to purchase.

Healthy Mattress

The first online mattress seller in Slovakia

The production of custom-made mattresses by piece with the interconnection with the online store brought express delivery times and the possibility of online purchase of any atypical dimension (circles, squares, rhomboids, beveled corners, etc.).

An eshop that makes money

When we launched the online store for the Kobraj and Koberce Trend shop network, the client did not have great expectations of its effectiveness when it came to sales. They were all the more surprised by the immediate profit it brought. However, we are continuing to improve it so that its benefits continue to grow.

The taste of the Caribbean hidden in coffee and chocolate

The eshop with an attractive design brings a unique brand of coffee from Costa Rica to the Slovak market. In addition to dozens of world-renowned coffees, it also offers the opportunity to purchase gourmet chocolates of unexpected flavor combinations.


A range of goods for kitchens, households or gardens under one roof

Content-rich eshop of the franchise network with one million satisfied customers annually provides its visitors with an intuitive shopping process despite the large number of products. The website was designed with an emphasis on clear structure, quick browsing of desired categories and an easy search. The specialty are features such as the Today’s offer or a rich database of blog posts with interesting facts and tips.


What women desire

An eshop that dresses the gentle sex literally from head to toe. In addition to footwear, the environment designed with style in mind also offers clothing, accessories and cosmetics and thanks to its clever filter, it helps customers find products exactly to their liking. With a few clicks, they can turn their fashion dreams into reality.


Spicy shopping now not just for ladies

The largest online lingerie store has been on the market for 11 years. Its latest enhancement brings even easier product filtration, smart search enriched with recommendations as well as new categories of goods for men.


Your logo on almost anything

The eshop with promotional items offers its customers the opportunity to order an array of products with custom prints. Order cups for a festival, company diaries or a ball with your child’s name on it. Thanks to the deployment of an innovative search engine, you’ll find everything efficiently and quickly.

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Ryba Košice

The Big Cod will welcome you to the fishing area

The presentation page of the fish delicacy from Košice offers visitors a look into the history of the Ryba company, an overview of news and recipes as well as a catalog of products. In addition, it also includes an eshop for B2B clients with an online connection to the economic and warehouse system of the company.

15+ years of mutual cooperation

The portal directed at air ticket sale was established in 2004. At that time, only a few purchases were made per day, which, however, changed quickly and the small site soon turned into a giant. In 2009 it established itself among competitors and in 2012 it sold more than 41,000 tickets with sales of more than €8 billion. Our company helped with this growth and we are continuously developing the web at present.

Tempus group

Mobility under one roof

A portal for a business group focusing on the sale and service of various automotive brands. The uniqueness of the solution lies in the emphasis on managing the content of multiple websites from one source. The development of a business intranet application was also part of our job.

Masarykov dvor

The gateway to the beautiful world of Podpoľanie

A web portal with comprehensive information about an attractive resort especially suitable for active relaxation. Agritourism, cycling, wellness, attractions for children (carousel, farm with animals) or craft brewery with its own range of honest unpasteurized beers - all this awaits you in Masarykov dvor.

TV Košice

Television through your eyes

The first online television in Košice. Current news from Košice and its surroundings, live broadcast and live traffic situation. Anyone can contribute with information and reports. Just download the mobile app, sign up, take pictures of or film interesting situations with your phone and share them with others.

Michael Kováčik

Stylish website of a fashion designer and Miss Slovakia director

Michael designs clothes that are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and elegance and combine comfort with femininity. His design presentation website of our making is supplemented by an eshop where you can buy the current collection.

Podbánske resort

The best place to power off

We designed the graphics and programmed a comprehensive information and booking system for the popular resort combining two luxury hotels, two cosy cottages and wellness. Booking a break has never been easier.

No name

The best music band site

Frontman of the band Igor Timko, classmate of our "frontman" Marek, has been working with us practically since the founding of the group. The result of this harmony is a modern website with fresh colours, eye-catching animations and simple navigation. In our opinion, it is the best online presentation of a music band, at least in Slovakia. What do you think?

Hotel Dália

The only eco-friendly hotel in eastern Slovakia

The information website of this exceptional accommodation facility is linked to an external booking system, which makes room selection for your stay as easy as possible. Travelling with pets and by an electric car? For the pet friendly Hotel Dália with a charging station, that is not a problem at all.


Innovative solutions since 1991

Product catalog with an online store for partners and end consumers of eKasa cash registers with the possibility of immediately contacting the nearest seller. As part of the project, we also provided the development of a cloud solution to connect cash registers with turnover and sales statistics.

340,000 paintings in one place

The eshop with operationally minimal hardware and financial requirements offers an intuitive filter of paintings (style, painter, color…) as well as the possibility of framing or customizing the image.

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