We monitor the development of technologies and we choose those that meet the most important requirements for security, speed and efficiency. We respond flexibly to change, but we do not forget thorough analysis.
Technologies Technologies

Project management and communication

The most important part of our work is efficient planning and constant communication throughout the development process. Thanks to the right tools, we have an overview of each task and its progress.

Google Workspace Google Workspace
Gitlab Gitlab
Jira Jira
Azure DevOps Azure DevOps

Development and programming

We build technologically strong projects. For each of them, we choose tools that allow us to develop safely, efficiently and with an emphasis on long-term sustainability. For the right hierarchy, we separate the backend from the frontend, but thanks to appropriately selected technologies, we ensure their smooth communication and coordination.


React (Next.js) React (Next.js)
Vue (NuxtJS) Vue (NuxtJS)
Angular Angular


Node.js Node.js
Go Go
GraphQL GraphQL


MariaDB MariaDB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
MongoDB MongoDB
Redis Redis


Thanks to manual and automated testing, we are able to deliver better quality projects. Each piece of code therefore passes through our test team, which not only checks functionality, but also has the ability to suggest improvements and thus actively contribute to the development of better projects.

Zephyr Zephyr
Browserstack Browserstack
Selenium Selenium
Jest Jest

Deploy and production

We take care of our clients’ data. We collect it, regularly back it up, evaluate it and manage the further development of projects based on it. With a properly set process of assigning codes to production, nothing will get lost. However, only functional and tested products are published at all times. We also operate most of the solutions implemented by us in the Google Cloud environment or via Amazon Web Services. Thanks to this, we have access to detailed monitoring and are able to react more flexibly to the performance requirements of projects.


Docker Docker
GitLab CI/CD GitLab CI/CD
Azure DevOps Pipelines Azure DevOps Pipelines


GoogleCloud GoogleCloud
Azure Azure
Don’t overlook our programming skills. References
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