The newest technology and standards

Constantly changing technologies require us to keep up with them. Nowadays, a technologically strong project must be flexible. And flexibility is only ensured by dividing responsibilities and separating the backend from the frontend.

The backend represents the business logic of the application.

Its essence stems from a thorough analysis of needs and functionalities, resulting in the technological requirements for a particular project. The manifestation of this is a black box that provides data to the frontend and processes business logic. The most common solution in this area is the RESTfull server as a web service. Then we can program in PHP, Python, and Node.js (using the Meteor.js implementation frameworks).

MariaDB PostgreSQL

The backend is directly linked to the data layer. This is relational stemming from the analysis of a particular project:

  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL


or no-SQL databases:

  • MongoDB (We have certified programmers for mongoDB).

The data layers can be represented by another REST interface, but it may not be the only database. All of this is done with caching or a more intelligent key-value store (for example,, forming the package of the entire project.

The frontend layer is also an important part of the backend layer. This takes into account everything that the client or the client’s customer needs. The fronted programming is done using PHP and the template system (classic web) or as a standalone JavaScript application running in the browser. Whether it’s the web or the application connecting to the backend, it’s done using a REST server. This can be used to connect to any other frontend layer, such as a native iOS app, a native Android app or a Windows Metro app. The options are limitless.

Angular React

The quick creation and flexible programming of single-age frontend applications allow us to utilize frameworks like AngluarJS or React. The design for these applications is provided through our own CSS frameworks, or through third-party frameworks such as Bootstrap.

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