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What do we enjoy about our job?

We create digital products for…

Crossuite is not just a project. It’s an application that helps doctors in their work all around the world. An application that was taken care of by one developer in its beginnings is now a life-improving application that a team of specialists is working on.

Working on Crossuite has enabled me to grow professionally and personally. At the same time, I look forward to the other challenges that await us on the project and that will move medicine into the future.

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SportNet is a platform. A platform that allows sports clubs, associations, but also other companies with a non-sports focus to process the agenda of their clients. We have been cooperating with the Slovak Football Association for more than 15 years. Thanks to modern and practical designs, we contribute to the improvement of sports.

The project enables programmers to develop their skills, educate themselves about and improve in modern technologies and grow together with the project.

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Working in an ecommerce team? I like that it’s dynamic and that there are still things that can surprise us. Thanks to that, we learn new things every day. Thanks to that, we grow not only as individuals but also as a team.

The importance of ecommerce, especially at this time, has taken on a new dimension. Now it’s no longer just a possibility, but often a necessity. We therefore strive to make online shopping a positive experience for our web customers.

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And how do we work?

We work agile and we plan our work in 2-week sprints. Every morning we meet at team stand-up meetings, where we talk about what we did the previous day, what we are going to do the next day and we inform each other about any problems we might have.

In a retrospective meeting after each sprint, we discuss what we did well, where there’s room for improvement and what we will do better in the next sprint.

We are not error-free. We don’t expect you to be either.
We all make mistakes. But we talk about them, deal with them and learn from them.
And we’re getting better every day, every sprint.

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Mirka Scrum master

Vacancies dnes tvorí viac ako 60 členný tím programátorov, testerov a dizajnérov. Všetci zdieľame nadšenie pre webové technológie a radi privítame rovnako zmýšľajúcich ľudí. Aj napriek tomu, že v túto chvíľu aktívne nehľadáme nových kolegov a kolegyne, nezúfaj. Pokojne nám pošli svoj životopis. Ak sa v danej chvíli vyskytne vhodná príležitosť, radi sa ti ozveme.

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