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1Who are we?

We have been dealing with web solutions since 1997. We are constantly monitoring new technologies and discovering endless opportunities for innovation in the online environment. We try to do things the best we can and with our work we bring new experiences for users of our web applications.

Take a look at selected case studies to find out how we design, develop and create:

Case Studies

And don't miss the informal information about us on Here you will learn a little more about our colleagues, teambuildings, but also about how IT guys fought and who won the fight.

2How do we work?

We design in Adobe XD or Sketch. Developers then work with it in Zeplin.

Adobe XD Sketch Zeplin

We look at the modern web as an application consisting of backend and frontend.

Backend provides data for frontend and processes the business logic of the application. We program the RESTful server as a web service in Python or Node.js. The data layer consists of: MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MongoDB. We use Redis for caching.

We perceive the frontend as a single-page application, where we most often use React. We have Angular deployed on our biggest project.

React Angular

On some projects we also use the so-called "web mainstream". You will find PHP, mySQL, postgreSQL, XSLT on most of our e-commerce solutions

The development environment is JetBrains or Visual Studio Code. We most often build using Webpack and automate with Jenkins.

With us, you can choose the technologies you want to work with. You can concentrate on only one of them properly and gradually develop the others.


Testrail, BrowserStack, Selenium

Testrail BrowserStack Selenium


Slack, Gitlab, Jira

Slack Gitlab Jira

3What do you need to know?

When creating a modern website, you certainly can't do without knowledge of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. You need to have the ability to learn new things and an active approach to application development. You simply have to be a web enthusiast with your whole "body and soul". Even a beginner, you don't have to have several years of experience.

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