Innovative tailor-made eCommerce solution with continuous maintenance

We’ll create a solution for you that you and your customers will fall in love with. Simplicity, speed and extensive features perfectly characterise the product that we’ve built from scratch and which we regularly expand based on the requirements and trends of the market.

The implementation of ecommerce is our most significant domain knowledge. We know the technologies, platforms and best practices for being successful in B2B and B2C.

Case Studies

How we implement an eCommerce solution

Strategy and planning

Set the goals you want to achieve. Focus on customers and their real needs. These steps form the basis for the success of your project. Framework planning of deadlines and setting of project milestones.

Analysis and functional specification

As part of the analysis, it is important to focus on the functionality of your project. Define basic, marketing but also special functionalities focused on B2B and B2C business.

Selection of eCommerce platform

Each project has unique needs and the choice of platform should reflect this. Choose the one that best suits your project. We are ready to support you with this decision.

Implementation of REST API

This phase is focused on the preparation of the entire REST API environment, programming and functional testing of basic scenarios.

UX / UI design

Prototyping, graphics processing and usability testing.


The development phase includes custom programming of functionalities, design implementation and launch of beta version.

Final testing

In the testing phase we can reveal any hidden bugs that may have occurred during the development phase.

Initiation and stabilization

We launch the production version and intensively monitor the website during the first days after go-live. At the same time, we solve possible critical errors that appear only after launch and under real load.

Continuous support

This phase will guarantee you a competitive advantage on the market. We will improve functionalities, update systems, improve usability and your project will grow to success.

Online pharmacy in 4 months
Development of an E-commerce solution for the Dr. Max+ pharmacy network based on an analysis of consumer behavior from visitors to the website. Localization for more than 300 pharmacies and the ability to filter according to the services provided. Designing online marketing campaigns and developing applications for competitions.
Case Study
Freedom in practice.

Development of a comprehensive online information and reservation system for outpatient services. The system provides tools for efficient time management, an online reservation terminal, electronic cards, managing finances and documents, and a host of other optional features. Simple and easy user interface. Access to the system is available across all computer, tablet, and mobile (iOS, Android) devices.

Case Study
The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia (since 1999) was the first in Slovakia to specialize in the online sale and delivery of flowers. The goal of the concept is not only to deliver flowers, but mainly to provide a service that helps you make your closest ones happy.
Case Study
Eshop as a tool to promote the development of football while reducing bureaucracy
Football clubs can make purchases from their own funds, or select groups of goods can be purchased from a financial contribution in the form of “virtual credit” granted for a fixed period of time.
Case Study
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