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It’s not just an e-shop

Who is ZEMPLÍN, s.r.o.?

The company ZEMPLÍN, s.r.o. is a trading company which, since its establishment in 1997, has been engaged in the wholesale of fasteners. As part of its continuous development, in 2005 the company expanded its activities to include the wholesale and retail of solid fuel heaters, their accessories and other goods. Their services are used by major customers and business partners from the fields of engineering, metallurgy, construction as well as electrical and automotive industries

The idea of setting up an e-shop has been in my head for a long time. But every business has its specifics and ours particularly so. We sell various commodities that have completely different specifics, a different clientele, a different way of selling, logistics and marketing. We knew that it would be very difficult to understand and put into practice all the complex mechanisms and processes that are set up in our company. This idea could only be fulfilled with a strong and experienced supplier of such services. We were aware that we would embark on a journey that might never end. And this was the reason why we decided to collaborate with s.r.o. References, experience and especially the idea that unites us: ‘We want our companies to be here for a very long time’. We were not only looking for a service provider, but a partner who wants and is able to perceive our needs, understands the functioning of the company and who can also bring new proposals and improvements, not only fulfill assigned tasks.

We maintain an individual approach to customers and our communication does not end with the sale of goods. Customers satisfaction is paramount for us.

Ing. Sidónia Hutníková

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What were our priorities?

First of all, we wanted to achieve uniqueness of the e-shop and its distinguishability from others. However, it was not just about building an e-shop.

We have included the following points among our goals:

  • Implementation and complete interconnection of the Helios information system
  • Intuitive, innovative and intelligent features for B2B customers
  • Simplification of shopping
  • Attractive web application design
The importance of new features

The importance of new features

How to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the e-shop and that they come back? Some of the many solutions are automation, transition to an information system and the incorporation of B2B features, which will guarantee the return of satisfied customers and interest of new ones.

Before we start implementing new solutions, it’s important that you have a well-thought-out goal. So that you know what you want to achieve, what should be the result of your journey. By understanding your requirements and expectations, we will help you find and set down your destination.

The setting of strategy of the ZEMPLÍN s.r.o. company was preceded by analyses of the market as well as of potential customers and their needs. For this business model, the most important thing was customer satisfaction and meeting the expectations that are necessary for this type of service. The result was the incorporation of many B2B features that will not only differentiate you from your competitors, but will simplify your work as well as the work of invoicing, warehousing, logistics and finance departments. The most important thing to think about is that nowadays, your e-shop is no longer just a one-time purchase solution, but a long-term commitment that needs to be constantly evolving.


A feature that makes work easier for you and your customers

ZEMPLÍN s.r.o. thought big and decided to simplify the whole process of ordering goods and customers’ inquiries.

We have thus created an inquiry system on the e-shop, where, in addition to standard orders, the seller allows customers the opportunity to inquire about goods that are not in stock. The interconnection of the e-shop with the information system allows the seller to process the price offer and in the next step the customer can decide whether to complete the inquiry process by creating an order. This connection takes place in the background and the customer can monitor the status in their own account.

And what is the result? Your customers will simply inquire for products directly on your website, the information system will process it and you will save time that you’d have to spend manually typing and processing orders. You can dedicate the time saved by omitting manual work to consulting and individual consultations with clients.

Pricing policy

Handling the pricing policy is often a struggle in itself. For the e-shop, we managed to fully implement the pricing policy. In practice, this means that the end customer sees their current purchase prices or even recommended retail prices. Just as we transfer price levels to the e-shop, we also transfer discounts intended for specific customers.

We have also implemented the transferred tax liability on the website, which allows VAT payers to purchase selected products with 0 % VAT.

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Benefits for regular customers

Other features that we’ve managed to successfully incorporate are the ability to allow customers to use their own codes and imports of orders from their information systems when ordering goods. Thanks to these features, you are saving your customers’ time and preventing possible errors when ordering similar goods.

Helios information system connection

Helios information system connection

You no longer have to worry about paper delivery notes, invoices or manual order management. Implementing an information system and connecting it fully with the management of your services will simplify, clarify and automate current processes.

Regular care is the way to go

For us, the cooperation with our customer does not end after building a functioning e-shop. Owing to mutual satisfaction and regular cooperation, we move to a partnership, thanks to which we can continue to improve the business model of a successfully developing company. As part of this cooperation, the connection of external warehouses and a marketing strategy that will bring the desired results is in store for us. However, we still keep in mind that customer orientation and an individual approach is what we want to achieve together.

How does the client perceive the cooperation?

One of the main goals of our company is focusing on customers in order to build long-term cooperation. Communication with them does not end with the sale of goods. And these were the main ideas that accompanied us all the way through the preparation and creation of the e-shop. To offer them more than others do. To be different, to differentiate ourselves. The main priority was to create an intelligent, innovative and intuitive platform for B2B partners. Our goal was first of all to create a "pro-customer" oriented e-shop and secondly to streamline the work of my colleagues. From the feedback we receive from our customers it’s clear that we are succeeding in fulfilling this idea. Gratitude from customers for working with an e-shop that is primarily focused on their needs, that’s probably the best answer to whether the decision to start this project with s.r.o. was the right one. It was and we are looking forward to further cooperation, mutual inspiration and the opportunity to help each other on the way forward.

Ing. Sidónia Hutníková
Ing. Sidónia Hutníková
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