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Cloud eHealth application with 16 years of collaboration

What is

Accredited information and reservation system for medical practices.

mil.+ patients
+ doctors
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Regular development and addition of new features

Although the application has long provided far more options than the competition, we are dedicated to developing new features. Using the latest technology, we keep the application free of software debt.

Customer-oriented development

Based on the requirements of end customers, we make changes and add new features to the application.

Exceptional customer care

If the client is having trouble using the application, they can use a number of support resources. From user guides, video tutorials to direct contact with helpdesk via phone, email or TeamViewer.

Configurable system with plenty of settings

Thanks to a variety of settings, users can customize the app to meet their needs, covering most of the cases for which they use the system.

Multidisciplinary platform

The Crossuite app offers specialized solutions for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, speech therapy and many others. The platform also fully supports multidisciplinary practices and health centers.

System adaptability in 23 countries

The app conforms to the laws and rules that apply in the user's selected country.

Division into teams

member team of developers and testers in Košice
member support team in Belgium
member team of developers and testers in Ukraine

Project team

We cover the technical side of the whole project, planning, and communication with the customer. For development planning we use agile methods (SCRUM), which make the development more efficient and enable us to respond more quickly to customer requirements. We create the overall architecture for the project and ensure a uniform way of development in all teams.

Design team

The goal of our team is to redesign the Crossuite app for a significantly different target group and a different business model. This includes many tests, prototyping, meetings, brainstorming, constructive discussions and demos. The big challenge is to ensure that the new redesigned system not only keeps up, but also exceeds the shadow of its predecessor. The design team is trying to bring a fresh breeze to an otherwise well-established and profitable project.

QA team

We cooperate directly with the customer, from whom we obtain the requirements, on the basis of which we propose an optimal solution. The resulting solution to a problem is written in the form of a specification according to which the testers create test scenarios and automated tests. By combining code quality control, automated and manual testing, we oversee the quality of the final product.

Diary team

Our team is involved in the development of a calendar module, which is used to manage the doctors' daily agenda and patient portal to book treatments online. We also create and maintain components for our internal UI library that serve as the foundation stones for the entire project.

Finance team

We develop and improve everything related to the financial module of the application. From the first registration of a patient and their treatments, through the registration of payments, to the creation of invoices for the patient or an insurance company and sending them by e-mail or printing. We show all this in clear financial reports and statistics.

Services team

We take care of all external services and connection to third parties (insurance companies, pharmacies or accounting applications). We successfully create middleware that ensures two-way data synchronization between these services and our application. Also, our task is to fix unexpected bugs quickly.

What technologies we use


Using the latest technology, we keep the application free of software debt. We are currently using Angular 9 and Typescript 3.7. Our Typescript code already exceeds 150,000 lines and we're constantly adding new.

  • Angular 9+
  • TypeScript
  • Sass

The database contains impressive 330 GB of data, from which the most interesting information is reaching 35 million treatments.

  • Node - TypeScript
  • Python
  • GO
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB

We introduced TDD (Test-driven development), where we write tests first before code. And until the tests pass, the code is not accepted.

  • Selenium
  • Jasmine
  • Protractor
  • JEST
  • BrowserStack
Mobile application

We've created native mobile apps for both of the most used platforms, iOS and Android, with thousands of downloads.

  • Java - Android
  • Swift - iOS

How did our collaboration start?

July 27, 2006

"Good morning Marek,

Enclosed to this mail you can find the specifications of an Osteopath online consultation portal for daily practise.

I would like to know if you ( would be interested to make this online portal for me.
Please, check the file and let me know your first thoughts.


  • First version of the BE/NL software
  • Calendar / health records
  • Finances and financial reports
  • Electronic Health Cards
  • Extension for chiropractors
  • Database of doctors
  • Offline mode
  • Communication module
  • New extended version of the calendar
  • Automatic treatment notifications
  • Schedule for Waiting Patients
  • Extensions for secretaries
  • Support for universities (transformation of the product for students' management, their timetables and records)
  • External agenda – online booking system for patients
  • Creation of health records by patients themselves from home, various questionnaires
  • Extensions for the English market
  • Integration of ZOHO CRM system
  • First Crossuite mobile app based on Phonegap technology
  • Email statistics, extensions of the Communication module
  • Complex functionality for Belgian physiotherapists, connection to third parties (insurance companies, employers)
  • Scanning and processing of scanned documents
  • E-shop for sale of SMS packages to doctors (used to notify patients via SMS)
  • New webpage
  • Implementation of ZORGmail – SOAP service for encrypted exchange of messages between doctors
  • Synchronization with Google Drive
  • Complex functionality for Dutch physiotherapists, connection to third parties (insurance companies, employers)
  • Transfer to SCRUM methodology
  • Ads management system
  • Ability to receive available data of a Dutch citizen from the social security number check
  • Native Android app
  • Doctors get their own webpages
  • Native iOS app
  • Gradual transformation of the application to modern web technologies Angular, Python, Node
  • Data synchronization with Dutch and Belgian medical systems (insurance companies, government, pharmacies)
  • Electronic recipe for Belgium
  • Introduction of automated testing
  • Creation and launch of a completely new cloud eHealth application for comprehensive patient and staff management for ambulances and clinics
  • The new application brings a completely new design and is built on the latest technologies that make it a modern web app
  • Adding various but still common modules to the app: Diary management, EMR (Electronical medical records), Financial management, Communication
  • New user registration and subscription plan selection without the need to contact support
  • Publication of an interactive landing page, which aims to present the functionalities that the new cloud application offers to potential customers

What awaits us?

  • Support for online consultations and teleconferences
  • Online exam payments
  • New mobile application for iOS / Android
  • Add support for dentists

Increasing number of doctors

Increasing number of patients

How did we help our customer?

Over a period of 14 years cooperating with the Crossuite dev team grew from 1 person to a 16 person team and includes Front-end & back-end devs, QA, manual & automated testers. Over the years became more than a partner. They are an indispensable link for Crossuite as a business because the team creates and plans the technological roadmap of the Crossuite SAAS platform years ahead. The company is very agile, vibrant, maintains a great, multi-talented resource pool and reacts rapidly on the ever changing technological advancements in the realm of web software. maintains a great balance between experience and young talent and is always able to find a solution within their talent pool.

In 14 years we never doubted our trust in their expertise and our cooperation: Crossuite & is an unbeatable team.

Joris Van den Putte
Joris Van den Putte
Crossuite CEO
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