Oxyrion Case Study

Efficient management of company data


Oxyrion is the name of the Dejmark company application. Dejmark is a multinational company dealing with wholesale of paints. It operates in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Oxyrion is a modern app allowing a complete management of B2B commerce. In addition to CRM, it also contains access to an economic system, business intelligence tools, product catalogue and tills.

Good analysis is the core

The fact that good analysis makes up 80 % of success goes for the agile methodology of development as well. With a project like this, it’s very important that the customer understands the basic rules of application development too. It’s necessary to explain what the work entails and what demands are required on the side of the customer and subsequently, the app user. We explained the meaning of sprints, what a user-story is, what an iteration cycle means and what role it plays. We also described the need for long-term cooperation as well as for regular development and maintenance of the app.

After mutual agreement, we went ahead with the scope analysis and the so-called technology agreement.


How it started and progressed

It’s very beneficial when the customer has a clear idea about their requirements. We took this one as a starting point, then we broke it down into individual user stories that we ranked based on the priorities and we determined the severity of the ones with the highest priority in order to plan the opening sprints.

Team composition

We assembled the team carefully based on the exact priorities and needs of the upcoming sprints. At the beginning, it consisted of a Product Owner who performed the role of a Lead Analyst, communicated with the customer and acted as a referee making decisions based on the priorities and the set direction of the main line of the project. A Backend Developer and a Frontend Developer were also members of the team. A Scrum Master was of course a part of the team as well, to oversee the process.

With the exemplary setup of the team and the process, we achieved the first results in a very short time and after the first sprint we supplied the backend for tills in the newly opened stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This way, we also built the API base for future development.

CRM Users
Current Customers
Potential Customers

Oxyrion Applications

The main Oxyrion API as the heart of the system that runs the authentication and authorisation and communicates with Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

CRM Application

The core of the whole system serving mainly the dealers. It offers extensive features for making their work easier and more efficient.

  • Users
    The base entity in the CRM. The whole system is user-oriented, in our case dealer-oriented. It allows them to manage their work time as well as their customers and activities. Users keep track of their trades, turnovers and so on.
  • Customers
    The job of this system is to provide the possibility of easily managing customers. As the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implies, the main task of the system is to keep track of the customers, be it potential or current ones.
  • Opportunities
    The possibility of creating sales opportunities linked to a specific customer.
  • Activities and Calendar
    A complete overview for the dealers about planned activities that can be directly linked to a specific customer and a sales opportunity.
  • Helpdesk
    Control over services connected to the service, returns and replacements.
  • Marketing
    The possibility to create discounts and several types of campaigns for customers.
  • Paint mixing machines
    Registered machines that are linked to a customer. Each customer can have several machines assigned to them – CRM users then have an overview of their customers’ machines and activities concerning them.

Admin Application

The backstage of the system allows for gradually expanding management of individual applications.

  • Products
    Definition and management of products across the entire system with a multitude of connections to samplers, toning systems and so on.
  • Marketing and marketing lists
    The possibility to define conditions, based on which the lists of contacts are created. This list is further used for various marketing purposes.
  • System Management
    The overall system management with a gradually expanding coverage, such as product filters, product parameters, order settings, samplers and so on.
  • Content Management
    Creation of articles for the B2B Portal and the mobile app in the form of news that customers can follow.

B2B Application

CRM customers (companies) turn directly into the B2B Portal users. B2B Portal connects business customers with the Dejmark company. Using this app, customers can make orders for predefined products. They can make service requests, return claims and so on. Customers also receive predefined discounts and specifically targeted campaigns.

  • Overview
    Customers have an overview of their past orders.
  • Catalogue
    Predefined product catalogue. Each product in the catalogue has predefined information from the admin app. As a part of each catalogue product, there are various options and paints also offer the possibility to choose a shade.
  • Coat of paint systems
    Predefined list of catalogue products that make a system of coats in individual layers with various functions and usage conditions.

Android App

  • Simplified Version of the B2B Portal
    Similar to the web version, customers can make orders and have an overview of their orders in hand. In addition, it contains a barcode scanner for a quick purchase straight from the warehouse.

BI Application

  • Overview
    The plan is to keep the app gradually extending. It currently offers an overview of stores, receipts and a receipt detail.

How did we help our customer?

Marketers greatly appreciate the intuitiveness of CRM. With one click, they can get information about the customer and about the products, or view the product catalog. I am also looking forward to other functionalities that will be added and which will create a full-fledged CRM application from our current solution. I also positively evaluate the portal, which we launched for use across the entire company, and the mobile application, which is gradually reaching customers. I believe that with further improvements, all these parts of Oxyrion will be used to their full potential.

Dušan Pavlov
Dušan Pavlov
Managing Director DEJMARK spol. s r.o.
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