Dr.Max Case Study

Use of helpdesk within the Employee Portal


Who is Dr.Max

Dr.Max pharmacies were established in 2006 and are currently among the leaders on the pharmacy market in the Slovak Republic. Customers can find them in more than 340 places throughout the Slovak Republic, but also as an online pharmacy. Dr.Max pharmacies are currently employing more than 2000 people.

Employee Portal

The employee portal serves the employees of Dr.Max, whether they are staff in pharmacies or headquarters, as a gateway to internal goings on in the company. On the portal, employees are primarily acquainted with newly published reports in the form of articles and fill in questionnaires intended for them. Employees also have access to files that are necessary for their daily work and will also find relevant links to both internal and external applications.

One of the latest added and updated features of the Employee Portal is helpdesk. Helpdesk allows for requesting assistance from competent problem solvers for particular problems and the specific department affected by the problem.

What was the purpose of adding and editing the helpdesk?

The latest version of the helpdesk on the Employee Portal integrates the external ServiceNow service. The service is used by Dr.Max not only for entering tickets in the internal solution of requirements, but also for solving external tickets with other suppliers and companies.

In order to meet the requirements, the following points had to be resolved:

  • Integration of the ServiceNow service
  • Overview and search of tickets from the perspective of the ticket manager

Creating and sending a ticket by the user is solved directly in the external ServiceNow service. Under ServiceNow integration, retrieving created tickets and submitting status changes are included.

Employees and workers at Dr.Max routinely encounter issues that need to be addressed by the relevant departments. These may be small things at pharmacy branches, such as a malfunctioning disinfectant dispenser, incorrect drug labels or more severe air conditioning failures together with leaking water. More serious problems may threaten the operation of the pharmacy, which in the end means a restriction in the dispatch of goods or dealing with a customer.

Solving these problems with the number of pharmacies that belong to the Dr.Max brand needs to be monitored and maintained on a daily basis.

Logged in User Ticket Overview

Logged in User Ticket Overview

The user can use a simple filter to search for requests based on a name, ticket number, status or type. The search results can then be sorted, with the table clearly showing the tickets.

The ticket manager solves the requirements assigned to them by selecting the checkbox "assigned to me" in the list of all requirements. In the ticket detail, the manager sees details of the requests, and can change the assigned solver and the status of the request processing. In the event that there are other connections regarding the ticket already created, both the user and the ticket manager are allowed to add comments under the requirement, about which they are subsequently notified.



In the administration, the manager is allowed to create, edit or delete ticket types. Each ticket type has a name and the possibility of selecting managers. Managers are retrieved from the Active Directory and it’s possible to set up notification of individual managers who will be responsible for solving a specific request, for example by sending an e-mail with a short summary of the ticket.


  • Unifying the way tickets are created
  • A clearer view for ticket administration
  • React
  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • ActiveDirectory
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