HR Dr.Max Case Study

Transparency of the register of job seekers in Dr.Max


Who is Dr.Max

Dr.Max pharmacies were established in 2006 and are currently among the leaders on the pharmacy market in the Slovak Republic. Customers can find them in more than 340 places throughout the Slovak Republic, but also as an online pharmacy. Dr.Max pharmacies are currently employing more than 2000 people.

What was the purpose of making the records more transparent?

The main goal was to have all the necessary information about job applicants in one place and in a structured form that would be available online.

To meet the goal, it was necessary to deal with:

  • Obtaining data in a structured form from e-mail job applications
  • Retrieving data from the form situated on the website
  • Creating an environment for online application management
How to get structured data from e-mail job applications?

How to get structured data from e-mail job applications?

The biggest challenge was the processing of the text content of an e-mail and the subsequent storage of data in a database in a structured form. E-mails from candidates were forwarded to the server where they were automatically processed by a script which analyzed the content of the e-mail and then wrote it into the database.

Since we did not always receive e-mails with identical structure, we had to continuously edit and tweak the script. As part of regular care, such automation has significantly streamlined the process of processing job applications.

Job application on a separate website

Job application on a separate website

Sending a job application in an online form was a very important feature. For this purpose, we have created a structured form in which the applicant fills in all the necessary data and the system directly registers them in the database of applicants.

This form was initially part of the online pharmacy. For better organisation, however, we have prepared a separate website which presents vacancies, information for employees and applicants as well as the online form itself. Thanks to the blog part, the company also communicates information about the selection process and provides applicants with all the information they need to have before applying.

Online management of the applicant database

Online management of the applicant database

The basis of the online management is the standard CMS solution, which brings the possibility of independent content creation for the needs of the company’s presentation. In addition to the aforementioned CMS, we have created and made available the following functionalities accessible within the online management:

  • Codebook management
  • Applicant management
  • Management of e-mail templates for notifications
  • Export of applicant data to CSV
  • Records of documentation about an applicant
  • Records of interviews with an applicant
  • Sending an e-mail notification to an applicant

This way it’s possible to manage everything you need conveniently from one place.

Functional part of the solution
  • Import of e-mails that were being sent to a special e-mail address and these were parsed by the script and imported into the database
  • Structured form for the applicant directly on the page where the data was entered into the database after sending the form
  • Applicant’s e-mail notifications
  • Separate web presentation
Backoffice and administration options
  • CMS
  • ACL
  • Codebooks
  • Applicant management - data in a structured form
  • E-mail management - automated e-mails
  • Data export to CSV
  • Records of documentation about an applicant
  • Records of interviews with an applicant
Advantages from the point of view of HR
  • Presentation of the company from the point of view of HR using their own CMS content
  • The possibility of targeted marketing only for the separate website about work at Dr.Max
  • Clear database of candidates
  • Making work easier by automating the import of e-mails
  • Data in one place
  • Consent to the processing of personal data
  • Automatic anonymization of data since the last record update
  • MariaDB
  • PHP, ZendFramework, Slim Framework
  • XSLT, SASS, jQuery
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