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Digitalization of the business model

What is

The Daffer spol. s. r. o. company has been operating on the office and school supplies market since 1996. It currently has several stationery stores throughout Slovakia and it continues to grow. The intention was to create an e-shop that differs from other competitors on the market thanks to the bespoke ‘Skvelko’ functionality.

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What was the goal of creating a new e-shop?

  • Simplifying the purchase of school supplies for parents based on the recommendations of the class teachers
  • Moving paper orders to the online environment
  • Connecting the e-shop with the Chemat economic information system
  • Implementing a commission system for schools, teachers and sales representatives
  • The possibility to use the benefits of the customer card in the e-shop as well
  • Creation of an e-shop with the most up-to-date technologies

SKVELKO - lists of school supplies or how to transfer a business model from the offline world online

Skvelko is a place where you can buy school supplies recommended by the class teacher for your child. Here you can find the exact composition of the set of school supplies for the upcoming school year. All in one set, in one place, ordered in 3 clicks and delivered to your home.

Skvelko box

Didn’t find your school in the list? Choose from the universal set according to the year your child is attending or fill in the form for schools not yet included, so that your preferred one will also appear on the list next year.

Saved time, money and environment

Thanks to Skvelko, you can use the time you would otherwise spend in a physical shop combining supplies and use it for yourself or your family. Schools know how to make ordering supplies more efficient and, thanks to the connection to the online environment, they save pounds of paper, which would end up in the records for several years after the order has been processed.

Prepojenie e-shopu na IS Chemat

Efficiency thanks to the connection with the information system

The Chemat information system integrates economic agenda, the operation of large warehouses and the operation of road transport together with the modification of the system according to the customer’s requirements. Daffer e-shop is connected to the IS Chemat for synchronization of products, orders, Skvelko lists of supplies, users and much more. By interconnecting our IS, we have automated the processes, thus achieving more efficient and faster processes.

Digitalization of a business model brings benefits to all parties:

For schools
  • The possibility to put a Skvelko-box on the school’s website in order to better direct the parents to the lists of school supplies recommended by their school.
  • For each list of supplies purchased, the school receives a reward derived from the value of the purchase in the form of loyalty points.
  • If a customer does not order a list of supplies but orders other goods, they have the option to reward their chosen school with a reward derived from the value of the purchase in the form of loyalty points.
  • Schools buy from the e-shop at wholesale prices.
  • Upon agreement with the Daffer company, schools have the opportunity to receive an individual discount for purchases in the e-shop.
  • Schools order from the e-shop with free shipping.
For teachers
  • Teachers can create and manage lists for the school to which they are assigned.
  • Teachers purchase from the e-shop at wholesale prices.
  • Teachers order from the e-shop with free shipping.
For companies
  • Upon agreement with Daffer, companies have the option of buying from the e-shop at wholesale prices, or wholesale prices for resale.
  • If a company has no agreement with Daffer, the company has all the advantages that retail customers have.
  • Companies can use their Daffer discount card to obtain discounts.
For parents (customers - retail)
  • Seasonal discount prices apply to customers.
  • Customers can use discount coupons in the e-shop.
  • If a customer has a customer card, they receive a 20 % discount on the first purchase and a 5 % discount on each subsequent purchase. If you do not yet have a customer card, you can request one in the e-shop.
  • For purchases over € 30, customers automatically receive free delivery.
  • During the season, the possibility of delivery to school. This form of delivery is free.

Regular care as part of the cooperation

We are a part of the Daffer team and we develop the e-shop as part of regular cooperation.

Regular cooperation includes:

  • Ongoing UX designs and improvements
  • Server and application monitoring
  • Maintenance of modern technologies with minimization of technological debt
  • Fast processing of requests

How does the client perceive the cooperation?

We were looking for a stable partner for the development of the online store. In the company, we found exactly what we were looking for. They were able to implement all our requirements and at the same time add new improvements to our ideas. We really appreciate the communication system and requirements management. Thanks to that, we basically don’t need face-to-face meetings, but at the same time we always have the knowledge about planned, ongoing and completed tasks. We have support available 24/7 and every situation that has arisen has been resolved to our satisfaction. We sincerely recommend cooperation with to every ambitious client.

Juraj Hypo Majerský
Juraj Hypo Majerský
Head of Web Development Daffer s.r.o.
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