Case study

The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia.

What is (since 1999) was the first in Slovakia to specialize in the online sale and delivery of flowers. The goal of the concept is not only to deliver flowers, but mainly to provide a service that helps you make your closest ones happy.

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What was the goal behind creating the new E-shop?

  • Create a customer-driven design
  • Continuous user experience testing
  • A clearer administrative environment and faster order handling
  • Customizing the administration environment based on client requirements
  • Interconnection with the warehouse system and process automation

How did the process go?

1. Design

From the customer’s side, we delivered the new E-shop design based on the results of the analytical tools Hotjar and Google Analytics.

2. Implementation

  • Part of creating the new E-shop was the transition to a e-commerce solution
  • The E-shop independently evaluates whether an order can be delivered on a particular day
  • The shopping cart also includes the ability to create your own message
  • Orders are registered in the “Arranger” application, which makes it easier to set up (creating a bouquet to order)
  • The E-shop is fully connected to the information system from An systems

3. Pre-boot testing

After creating the first functional version of the E-shop, we tested it with real users whom we selected based on data from Google Analytics. Site Usability Testing aims to reveal as many of the gaps that may affect conversion completion. We prepared a test scenario for each tester. The testing was designed to cover as many customer segments as possible.

Testing progress:

  • The tester was introduced to their shopping scenario
  • The testers worked with the E-shop and commented on what they were doing and thinking about
  • Our team of specialists watched and recorded their behavior

4. Processing the testing results

Based on user testing, we made suggestions for improving the E-shop.

Examples of suggestions for improvement:

Problem No.1
Problem No.1

Problem: Simplifying and making the main customer profile more attractive.

Solution: Add a personalized greeting, highlight the loyalty program, and graphically organize the individual elements.

Problem No.2
Problem No.2

Problem: Insufficient information in the calendar, insufficient information on shipping charges.

Solution: Add information to your calendar and add shipping information to a prominent place to avoid having to make comments in the order.

Mobile application

Mobile application

In addition to the E-shop, we also implemented a mobile application for Android. First of all, users stay up to date about news, campaigns and ongoing events. An interesting feature of the mobile application is the possibility to scan the barcodes of the assortment. By scanning the barcode, you can see the current price and available quantity at the moment. The mobile app is available on Google Play.

Teraz na Google Play

What’s next?

Automated user and customer profile creation

Automated user and customer profile creation

After creating the order, the user can decide to create an account. In this case, we will save all the information from his order in the profile, so the customer does not have to enter anything twice.

Collecting data based on user actions on the page

All searches and products viewed by the user are stored in the background. Based on these, we can subsequently create and display recommended products and purchase tips to potential customers.

New “Smart” features and services

Recommended for you

A user who clicks on “red tulips” will see products that other similar users have clicked on. So most likely we won’t recommend red tulips again. The products will be displayed in the “Recommended for you” section.

Buy together

Based on historical data from previous purchases, we will create product lists. Possibilities for using the “buy together” list in your cart and confirming your email. (lists are created automatically with the possibility of human involvement)

Smart Email

Sending emails about unfinished purchases. The email contains a discount voucher that motivates the customer to complete the purchase.

Smart Wishlist

Publish photos of products on your personal Facebook profile. Free organic Facebook campaigns.

Smart Segment

Customer segmentation based on their E-shop value. RFM model. Trends in individual segments.

Smart Notify

The customer buys flowers for Katka’s birthday. A year later, we will remind the customer of Katka’s birthday by email as well as a personalized banner when returning to the site.

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