Case Study

Transition from a WooCommerce E-shop to a solution from

What is Reparex?

AVOS Trade International LTD, which is the operator of the Reparexshop E-shop, approached us with the need to remodel their E-shop, which was built on the open-source Wordpress solution and was no longer suitable for their needs.

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E-shop problems from the customer’s point of view

  • Problems updating plugins, templates and the system itself
  • Necessary installation of a large number of plugins that are often not compatible with each other
  • Slow E-shop speeds and administration (lengthy processing of orders by the administrator)
  • Complex addition of language mutations
  • Complicated setting of traffic pricing rules for individual countries
  • Non-unique design that did not match the nature of the products
  • Responsive version errors

First content coloring
3,9 s

Speed ​Index
14,5 s

Time for interactive rendering
8,2 s

First content coloring
1,6 s

Speed ​Index
3,5 s

Time for interactive rendering
5,5 s

Speed score Google PageSpeed

How we addressed them

  • Analyzing data from Google Analytics and Hotjar
  • Collaborating with an online marketing agency and professional photographer
  • Designing tailored designs based on data from the analytical tools
  • Customized E-shop programming
  • Migrating users and other data from the original shop
  • Launching the first language mutations

Where do we go from here?

Running an E-shop is just the beginning. As part of our regular E-shop collaboration, we gradually innovate, add new functionality and launch other language mutations.

The whole communication takes place directly between the E-shop manager, the marketing agency and the programmer assigned to the project. The main communication channel is the online Gitlab tool, where the entire communication history, list of requests and priorities for the current programming sprint are recorded.

The changes that the programmer prepares and tests are then automatically deployed via Git from the test version of the site to the production version that is seen by actual visitors to the site.

What have we already worked on in terms of regular collaboration?


Linking the E-shop and via API for automatic invoice generation

Platba kartou

Implementation of the 24pay payment gateway for the Slovak mutation

Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Kúpiť na Amazone

“Amazon” button with the option to purchase the product on Amazon

Jazykové mutácie

We are gradually expanding the scope of the E-shop to other markets


…and about 100 more requests and innovations

When should you consider switching from WooCommerce to an E-shop?

  • If the E-shop vendor fails to meet the requirements of the E-shop owner
  • If you need new functionality for your customers, but don’t have these modules available to you
  • If the E-shop speed is slow due to complicated optimization
  • If your open source template does not suit you anymore and you would like to tailor your design
  • If you can no longer grow with your E-shop. This means managing other markets, increasing conversions, automating administrative processes, and so on
  • If the E-shop's security is compromised
  • If you need to fully link your E-shop to your economic software

Open source is a suitable solution for your E-shop if you have regular secure updates and a handy programmer who has a good overview of the source code of the system and can work with innovations within the regular E-shop.

How to choose an E-shop solution

Out-of-the-box vs. open-source vs. tailor-made solutions

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