Case Studies

See how we design, program, and create E-shops, web displays and applications.


Nová generácia Pricemanie a jej ecommerce vízia

  • Čo je Pricemania
  • Technologickom dlhu, ktorý ju dobehol
  • Pricemania Content Network
  • Ako to celé funguje
  • Vízia do budúcnosti
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Cloud eHealth application with 16 years of collaboration

  • What is
  • Division into teams
  • What technologies we use
  • Development milestones
  • What awaits us?
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Transparency of the register of job seekers in Dr.Max

  • Who is Dr.Max
  • What was the purpose of making the records more transparent?
  • How we got to the goal
  • Functional part of the solution
  • Advantages from the point of view of HR
  • Technologies
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HR Dr.Max


An innovative solution for Slovak football fans.

  • What is Futbalnet?
  • What services do they offer?
  • Layout, problems, and solutions
  • Customer response
  • Results
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Eshop as a tool to promote the development of football while reducing bureaucracy

  • What is
  • What was the goal of the project?
  • How did the Eshop evolve over time?
  • What have we achieved so far?
  • Investments vs. Returns
  • What did most clubs buy?
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When you know a visitor to your site

  • Who is
  • Exceptional B2C functionalities
  • How to use gift vouchers
  • Targeted content marketing
  • How does the client perceive the cooperation?
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When 10% of customers make up 90% of the total order volume

  • Who is SOS electronic?
  • One backend – 7 domains, 7 languages, 7 different VATs, 7 formats
  • Why was a new website needed?
  • Key areas of project success
  • Programming and performance optimization
  • What about the E-shop after its launch?
  • What did we learn?
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Efficient management of company data

  • What is Oxyrion?
  • What was the purpose of its creation?
  • Oxyrion applications
  • How did we help our customer?
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The first eshop for the sale and delivery of flowers in Slovakia

  • What is
  • What was the goal behind creating the new E-shop?
  • How did the process go?
  • Mobile application
  • What’s next?
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Digitalization of the business model

  • What is
  • What was the goal of creating a new e-shop?
  • Why to implement information system?
  • Advantages of digitalization
  • How does the client perceive the cooperation?
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An online pharmacy in 4 months.

  • What is
  • What data do we work with
  • Competitive online projects
  • What are we measuring?
  • What was it like to collaborate with
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It’s not just an e-shop

  • Who is ZEMPLÍN, s.r.o.?
  • What were our priorities?
  • The importance of new features
  • Benefits for regular customers
  • How does the client perceive the cooperation?
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Eurobus online reservation system.

  • What is Eurobus?
  • Project goals
  • Tailor-made design
  • How we addressed them
  • Other innovations
  • New technologies
  • Benefits
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The first place in competition Heuréka Shop of the year 2016, 2017 and 2018 in category "books and e-books" and "entertainment and hobby"

  • Who is
  • Important factors for a successful eshop
  • How we optimized eshop cart?
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Transition from a WooCommerce E-shop to a solution from

  • What is
  • E-shop problems from the customer’s point of view
  • How we addressed them
  • Where do we go from here?
  • What have we already worked on in terms of regular collaboration?
  • When should you consider switching from WooCommerce to an E-shop?
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