We’ll create a solution that you and your customers will fall in love with. Simplicity, speed, and broad functionality that perfectly characterize the product will be built from scratch and regularly expanded according to market demands and trends.

Features for your customers

Useful features for visitors to your new E-shop

Exceptional Graphics

Offer visitors a unique and functional design that fits in with your marketing vision. Based on the unique look you create, you’ll have a lasting impact on your customers and make shopping more enjoyable for them.

Simple Operation

Visitors are able to access your site intuitively and easily. All necessary information is displayed when needed in a visible and easily accessible way.

Responsive Design

Your customers always come first. They can conveniently shop from their phones or tablets. The website automatically adjusts to the device size.

Order Management

Upon completing an order, the customer receives an email or SMS about its processing. They are also informed about any change in their order status. Unregistered customers can check their order status online, at a special address.

Interactive Cart

Shoppers can check the items they’ve added to the cart or adjust their quantity at any time. The buying guide actively recommends add-on products based on the contents of your cart.

Gift Cards

Your customer can buy a fully functional Gift Certificate. It can be redeemed directly by the customer or by the recipient of the gift on the next purchase using the code generated.

Integration to Cost-Effective Search Engines

Visitors, based on their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, can see similar products or see products in action. They’ll get personalized emails with tailor-made content. Content the customer likes can be further shared on social networks

Product Recommendations

Based on their area of interest, visitors will see similar products or products in action. They’ll get personalized emails with tailor-made content. Content the customer likes can be further shared on social networks.

Payment Gateways and Courier Services

Allow customers to pay easily and safely. Customers can pay by card, internet banking, or in installments. Deliver goods to your customers with the service they prefer.

Connect to Social Networks

Visitors are happy to share the products they like or bought. Allow them to easily spread and comment on your content on Facebook, Google+, and other sites.

Quantity Discounts and Stocks

Get the best visitors thanks to attractive events. For example, 3 products for the price of 2 or 2 + 1 free of charge. Shares can be combined.

Product Packages and Product Sets

Create product sets and product packages. Combine any items and offer your customers multiple products at a discounted price.

Complaint Form

We also keep unsatisfied shoppers in mind. We simplify the complaint process to make it as efficient as possible for you and for the customer.

Security and Privacy

Everyone wants their sensitive data to be well protected. Your customers can shop with you safely and don’t have to worry about sharing personal data.

Accessibility and Usability

Don’t limit the number of visitors. Allow them to use the browser or device of their choosing. Your store will always be fully functional regardless of its technical basis.

Fast Loading Times

Regardless of the number of products, options, or categories in your catalogue, your customers will be accessing them quickly and seamlessly.

Product Reviews

Let your customers express their opinions about your products and experiences by adding a review directly into the product details.

Filter Products

In addition to full-text search, product filtering is available based on parameters that can be used for a large number of products on you E-shop.


Always remain one step ahead of your customers. When searching, the system automatically offers products that contain a string entered in the search engine.

Live Chat

Get closer to your potential customers. Let them write a short response on product availability, options, or quality.

Features for you and your colleagues

Features that help you manage your E-shop

Simple Administration of Price Policies

Creating a catalogue with thousands of products isn’t easy, so we offer the option to bulk import products. Importing products can even be fully automated. You can also edit your products directly in the administration section.

Intelligent Product Catalogue

We offer a catalogue of products full of features that will make running your business easier. Keep track of sales statistics, and find out which products are more in demand and at what times.

Enhanced User Administration

Find out which users are purchasing your products at a given time. Motivate them with a gift or thank them with an individual discount.

Intelligent Assistant

Take advantage of the intelligent assistant administration to help manage your store. The administration is so simple to control and operate.

Connect to External Applications

Take advantage of the potential of customer solutions and habits. We adapt to your current applications and connect them with new ones.

Connect to Suppliers

Automate your business. Orders will be automatically evaluated and the order summary will be delivered to your vendor.

Connect with Courier Services

Make it easier to connect with the Slovak Post or other delivery services. You can print the product labels directly from the administration section.

Variable Discounts for Customers

A detailed, redesigned discount system that lets you set and display the original product price, discount rate, and the current discounted price.


Keep track of your business, track order status, and get turnover statistics. Create regular reports that can be broken down by any criteria of interest.

Marketing and SEO

Your solution has all the prerequisites to gain the first position on search engines. We use meaningful URLs and dynamically changing subtitles and page descriptions. We make the most of what’s offered by search engines and price comparators.

Power Optimization

We’re ready to handle a large number of customers. Being able to offer continuous browsing on the site is a must. So nothing can prevent your customers from making trouble-free purchases.


Send the latest news and personalized information about your products and updates. Stay in touch with clients that haven’t visited the E-shop in a long time.

Personalize Shipments

Print and add personalized cards to your customers’ order with a thank-you for their purchase.


Compose educational articles about your products to help customers decide whether to buy a particular product.

Product Videos

Present your products with videos that will elicit better responses from your customers.

Regular Innovation

We regularly monitor trends in E-commerce environments and implement innovative features based on trends in the world of E-shops.

My Business

Keep your business with you no matter where you are. A detailed overview of product orders and order status. Summary statistics and sales charts at different intervals (week, month, 6 months, year). With your My Business app, your orders are always at your fingertips.

After downloading the application, you need to request access to your data by sending an email to

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Features for your business

We help simplify your business


We also offer Elasticshop and its operation. We know the system requirements of the solution so we can effectively manage it. All data on our servers is regularly backed up so your solution is safe.

Unlimited Warranty

If you leave Elasticshop to us, we can offer you an unlimited warranty. In addition, we are committed to addressing critical issues within 4 hours.


We protect your data and your customers precisely because we know that privacy is important to you.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We will always be happy to advise you and answer your questions. We’ll respond to your emails within 24 hours.


The Sensell service recognizes your customers and personalizes the content displayed when they visit your site.

Content by Interests

State-of-the-art technology allows you to view content according to your customers’ interests.

Customer Segments

Sensell automatically helps create customer segments.

Intelligent Guide

When they’re purchasing something from your store, customers will be helped by a smart wizard.


Customers are regularly informed about the latest products and actions.

Loyalty System

Give your customer a discount. Add group or individual benefits.

Unique Subpages

Offer unique content sites to your visitors that are generated just for them.

E-commerce is a special part of what we do.

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