Skills & Technologies

Innovate digital products, improve existing technologies or even rebuild everything from scratch to make your idea successful.

Constantly changing technologies require us to keep up with them.


Technical analysis and designing functional solutions.

Project management and communication

Flexible issue tracking tools that help teams plan, manage and report on their work. Project management tools support any agile methodology.

Jira, Gitlab

Design and Frontend

Designing a prototype and user interface.

Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SaSS, Angular, React


A place to keeping data safe and quickly accessable.

mySQL, PosgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Rest API and Backend

The backend represents the business logic of the application.

Python, Node.Js, PHP, Java


Careful selection can have a significant impact on the efficiency and ultimate success of the software development project.

JetBrains, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Webpack


Used to maintain and plan manual testing, run or gather execution data from automated tests, manage multiple environments and to enter information about found defects.

Testrail, BrowserStack, Selenium

Cloud Platforms

Cloud covers application, storage, and cloud computing services for backend, mobile, and web solutions using the internet.

Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services

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