Continuous support

Successful projects require frequent care and constant improvement.

Why should you utilize continuous and long-term support?

Make changes to your project faster, as you prioritize the tasks yourself
Suggestions for improvements based on our experience
Help with managing your project (graphic content editing, etc.)
Communicate requirements directly with a programmer, graphic designer, or analyst
Your project will be assigned to people who will be part of your team and will be responsible for designing and implementing the project’s requirements
Lower hourly rate for ongoing support for your project compared to the basic hourly rate
Ongoing planning of tasks (analysis and solution suggestions)
Overview of requirements in one place and the possibility of back-checking
Always up-to-date technology
We assume responsibility not only for the implementation of the project, but also for its operation.

What does continuous support involve?

Choose the type of services you currently need

Development of new custom features
Analysis of data from statistical tools and recommendations
Regular user testing by real people
Suggestions for improvements
Online survey – we will determine your customers’ requirements
A/B testing
Design of automated testing
Smart services and personalization (recommended for you, buy together, smart email, smart wishlist…)
Regular system updates
Optimizing performance and improving project quality
Security updates
Work status report for the project

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