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Our task is to show you the path towards the latest trends in web design. It’s up to you how far you want to go.

icon - Animations


We will add something dynamic to your logo, service, product, slogan, or pictogram. Animations can express what you want to convey to the user much better than static graphics.

icon - Geometrical shapes

Geometric Shapes

Put your colleagues’ photos into circles, divide parts of your website into squares and rectangles, and write the text in continuous lines. Shift your web design to new dimensions.

ikonka - Typography


We’ll separate your website from the pack by using a font that creates a unique emotion. Something that users won’t experience on other websites.

ikona - Illustration


We’ll draw fonts, icons, and buttons for you. All of these elements will tastefully complement each website and know how to get the user’s attention. We’re not afraid to experiment.

icon - Gradients and distinctive Colors

Gradients and Distinctive Colors

We know a way to develop a better brandy identity for people browsing your site. Combine some colors. We will use a gradient with a nice photo of your product or service, accompanied by a short text or slogan.

icon - Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Your website is optimized for mobile devices. Your customers can enjoy it on smartphones and tablets.

ikonka - Landing page

Landing page

We’ll increase awareness for your services/products and get as many conversions as possible by creating an interesting landing page along with a properly targeted PPC campaign.

icon - Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

Pull users into your site. With the Parallax effect, we create the right atmosphere when scrolling through your website.

icon - Content first

Highlight Content

Prepare key ideas that are understandable and accurate for your visitors, and remember, each text should have its own clear goal. Texts for a new website need to be delivered before the graphic design is created. You’ll save yourself time and money this way.

icon - Own photos

Custom Photos

We recommend taking your own photos that will be much more compelling for your business than generic photos that competitors could be using. You can then use these photos in print materials or on social networks.

Check out some of the websites we’ve already created.

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