Product owner:
This role is covered by someone on your team or by one of our team members. It’s an advantage if the product owner comes from your team. Working as part of our project team, the Product Owner acts a customer would and advocates for your interests. They define your detailed requirements. They ask the right questions to discover the details, analyze processes, schedule meetings and create user scenarios. Together with the customer, they set the priorities for programming. This person gets to know the product in detail and knows how to test it in different phases, comes up with ideas for expansion and improves the product. The Product Owner communicates directly with your point of contact. If a customer has experience developing more challenging projects, this role can be secured by someone on their team. The Product Owner, depending on the nature of the project, can also serve as Project Manager.

Scrum master:
Focused on teamwork and planning. The Scrum Master helps identify obstacles and helps with their removal as well as monitors overall progress. This person helps the team, motivates team members and helps avoid distractions that could disrupt the development process. This helps the team do what they do best.

Responsible for website design, A/B testing, creating graphics and integration. The number of designers is based on the complexity of the solution. Due to agile development, this can involve people located in different places, so it’s a common practice to have a team of your designers working alongside ours.

Made up of analysts and programmers. A group of people who oversee the development of individual functionalities. They work together on development cycles and present the results. They play a crucial role in the planning process, where they define the complexity of individual parts and guide the Product Owner as they create development cycles.

In our team, no role is more special for developing e-shops than the role of tester. The tester is a bit everything: the Product Owner who tests the functionality of the development cycle before presenting it to the customer; the team of Designers who tests the design requirements and structure of the page; and the development team who prepare automated tests and code testing together.

Don’t overlook our programming skills. References
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