Development process

Figuring out your ideas and proposing ways to make them happen. Agreeing on the preconditions for mutual collaboration.

Main requirements:
Delivering the top-level requirements. What are we going to do and what are the expected results? The main “high level” requirements and objectives of your project are divided into smaller and more specific pieces.

Creating a detailed assignment and planning:
Together, we create a clearly defined assignment. Individual requirements and user scenarios are recorded in the “product backlog” that is accessible to both parties.

Design and programming:
The development itself takes place in regular cycles. We don’t do everything at once. We develop the project according to the defined priorities and we hand over the solution gradually. Using the example of an e-shop, one development cycle involves adding the product to the basket. Another development cycle, for example, can involve user registration.

Direct testing is also a part of the development process. Based on our past experience, testing an e-shop requires 20% of the overall development time. Each part is retested when the development cycle is submitted. The results are contained in a testing tool that is accessible to everyone involved in the project. High-priority use cases also have automated tests available and are completed as new functionalities are added to the project.

Uploading the project:
The handed-over portion of the project is always presented to the customer in the form of a demo, so that the customer can access his or her product at regular intervals. Changes and additions can take place in between individual development cycles. This way, any deficiencies and improvements are sufficiently resolved without delaying the overall progress. This complements the product backlog, creating priorities and planning new development cycles.

System maintenance and expansion:
This works on the same principle as development. Often this is a continuation of further development.

Don’t overlook our programming skills. References
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